FALL 2017


Medicinal Chemistry Collaborative

New treatments lurk in fungi, herbs, and yet-to-be-developed compounds. The innovative scientists of MCcombat cancer, MRSA, and more.

The Harvest at Home

Researchers and community partners are taking a hard look at our food systems to ensure we have what our bodies need: food that’s good for us. 


What hurts honey bees threatens our food supply. The Social Insect Lab takes on mites, viruses, and even lifestyle-related stress, as it zeroes in on honey bee health. 

Research Profiles

Sex Ed Goes Viral

Research Excellence Award Winner

Associate Professor Amanda Tanner focuses on HIV infections among young people.

Hitting His Stride

Undergraduate Researcher

Kinesiology major Jason Moody works on trip training, to help older adults avoid fall-related injuries. 

The Pitfalls of Perfectionism

Graduate Researcher

Clinical psychology PhD student Kelly Harper hopes to ease the struggles many perfectionists face.

The Right Idea

Room for a View

Expanding and reenvisioning North Carolina's most prominent African art gallery, to deepen understanding.

Safe Harbor

Congolese refugee women and local faculty collaborate to bridge gaps in the resettlement process.

Peak Connectivity

How new digital technologies could improve life in developing nations.

Mind on the move

What types of people "mind wander" the most? A field study overturns previous findings from the lab.

Closing the Gap

New funding reflects UNCG's ongoing successes in closing educational achievement gaps.

The Word's Out

U.N. Necessary

The United Nations has evolved far beyond its original charter, in both role and public perception.

Feeding Equality

Breastfeeding is about feeding babies. And it's about reproductive rights, gender equality, and social justice.

A lesser-known Christianity

The New Testament's reception in medieval Byzantium offers new lessons to scholars and students.

From the Vice Chancellor

Transformative research. We have seen this term used more and more over the last two decades, spurred in part by its adoption by major funders like the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. The phrase originated with physicist, historian, and philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn, who introduced the academic world to the idea of paradigm shifts that restructure and revolutionize scientific inquiry. 

Transformation is also a pillar of UNCG’s new strategic plan, which officially launched this year, on the 125th anniversary of the opening of our university. 

But what does that transformation — of students, of our region, and of knowledge — look like? 

Up & Coming

Champions in Life

As a graduate student at UNCG and now as new faculty, Dr. Erin Reifsteck has dedicated herself to the wellbeing of student-athletes. Her award-winning "Moving On!" program focuses on keeping athletes healthy after graduation.

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