Spring 2022



Press Start to Begin

In high pressure situations, first responders need all the information they can get. A computer scientist prepares augmented reality interfaces for a safer, better future. 

Dr. Chris Hodgkins sitting in a reading room with a portion of UNCG's George Herbert collection in front of him.

A History with Herbert

17th-century poet George Herbert and UNCG go back a ways. Meet our internationally renowned Herbert scholar and peek into our world-class collection.

Community partners Joyce Johnson and Reverend Nelson Johnson speak with Dr. Spoma Jovanovic at the Beloved Community Center.

Words into Action

Community starts with communication. A new comm studies center tackles food security, democracy, and social justice issues – to cultivate resilient communities. 

The Right Idea

Drs. Tom Lewis and Yi Zhang write equations on a transparent board.

Awards Add Up

Two numerical analysts win prestigious NSF grants to support barrier-breaking work – the latest feathers in the cap of UNCG's unique computational math program.

Grad student Yongsun Lee teaches a high school student taekwondo while Dr. Michael Hemphill and the school's coach look on.

Restoring Peace

Kinesiology and peace studies researchers launch a restorative justice program at Dudley High to build trust, inclusivity, and skills in conflict resolution.

Secrets of an Ancient Grain

As a child raised on a farm, he grew tef – a grain vital to Ethiopia. Now, as a molecular biologist, he's unlocking and amplifying tef's hidden strengths.

Dr. Robert Wiley demonstrates writing in Arabic on a whiteboard.

Learning by Hand

Learning a new language may seem like a matter of the mind, but new research shows the body plays an important role – one that apps like Duolingo miss.

The Word's Out

A portrait of Alice Dunbar-Nelson

A Respectable Life

A Black feminist scholar's in-depth look at author and activist Alice Dunbar-Nelson receives glowing reviews from Publishers Weekly and more.

Dr. Erausquin holds up an iPad displaying the survey she worked on in collaboration with a team of international researchers.

Intimate Impact

How did the pandemic affect sexual and reproductive health? A social epidemiologist helped launch a global public health survey to find out. 

A still image from Raya and the Last Dragon

Instrumental to the Story

An ethnomusicologist's expertise on the music of Southeast Asia lands him an unexpected role with Disney.


Dr. Aarnio with undergrads Kamara Culbreath and Mariann Juarez standing in the Three College Observatory.

Stars on the Rise

Undergraduate Research

A glimpse into the lives of young stars. Undergraduate researchers in NSF- and NIH-funded programs explore astrophysics, machine learning, and the cosmos.

Dr. Etnier and a graduate student look at MRI scan results on a computer.

Mental Activity

Senior Research Excellence Award

Could exercise delay the onset of Alzheimer's? A kinesiologist is recognized for her body of work in physical activity and cognition.

Xuem Siu and Dr. Morrison assist at a local vaccine clinic.


Graduate Research

A 15-year collaboration with local refugee communities draws graduate scholars with a passion for engagement. Their latest challenge? The pandemic.

Dr. Stein holding up one of the folk art suns from her collection.

Illuminating Strengths

Junior Research Excellence Award

Can we offset the damage of discrimination? A clinical psychologist is distinguished for her scholarship on Latinx cultural assets, stressors, and access to care.

From the Vice Chancellor


It’s the first sentence of our cover feature story. And it’s a lifeline running through UNCG research and scholarship.

Just look at the breadth, depth, and longevity of the partnerships highlighted in this one issue.

With nonprofits, businesses, and faith communities like the Beloved Community Center, Communities in Schools, Disney, El Futuro, Greensboro History Museum, Greensboro’s Magnolia House, Guilford Urban Farming Initiative, Montagnard Dega Association, Neighborhood Markets, St. Phillip AME Zion Church, and World Health Organization.

With educational institutions and public entities ...

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