Fall 2021


Fall 2021



Behind the STEM Scenes

Millions of dollars pour into STEM recruitment. But how well do these programs work? A unique lab stakes out territory in the Wild West of program evaluation.

Steps to Success

College students with ADHD often get lower grades, are less likely to stay in school, and have a lower quality of life. A new program aims to change their trajectories.

The Future of Nursing

With a new dean at the helm, the School of Nursing has moved into a new home, outfitted with cutting-edge labs, classrooms, research facilities, and more.


To the Grave

Research Excellence Award Winner

“It’s fascinating what death rituals tell us about who we are,” says Professor Joanne Murphy, distinguished for her groundbreaking work on the Greek Bronze Age.

By Fire

Graduate Researcher

For his MFA thesis, choreographer Billy Hawkains, III explores the transformational nature of movement in Southern Black worship.

A Bigger Molecule

Undergraduate Researcher

A Goldwater Scholar. An NIH MARC U-STAR fellow. A chemical synthesis researcher. "This is what a scientist is," says Kala Youngblood, as she describes her journey.

The Right Idea & The Word's Out

Atomic Dilemma

Japan is the third-largest nuclear power in the world. A communication scholar examines the country's shift to nuclear power and the movement rising against it.

A different vision

CVPA faculty and students partner with the Industries of the Blind to tell employee stories through an installation that uses sight, sound, and touch.

In the News

Social scientists parse through our 24-hour stream of news, gossip, and social media – with an eye on the spread of bad info and shifts in racial attitudes. 

Diving in Deep

An NSF CAREER awardee. An AAAS Fellow. Two researchers are recognized for their unique approaches and potential for far-reaching impact.

The Fundamentals

Researchers break down barriers to literacy for Native American children, and prepare teachers across North Carolina to impart vital literacy skills.

A Sustainable Peace

What allows some societies to co-exist peacefully, while others struggle with conflict? Peace and conflict studies researchers investigate.

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From the Vice Chancellor

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and national conversations elevated by the Black Lives Matter movement, UNC Greensboro, like many other institutions, is examining how we can deepen our work to embed equity, diversity, and inclusion at all levels of the University. As a public research – and minority serving – institution, one of the ways we’re operationalizing these values is by focusing on access.

Our University’s commitment to accessible excellence has already placed us first in North Carolina for creating social mobility. You’ll find that dedication to access and excellence, which changes the life trajectories of our students, not only in our teaching but also woven throughout our research and scholarship.

Up & Coming

Trauma Goes to School

Mental health issues are on the rise among all ages. A new School of Education academy provides trauma-informed training to schools and our community.

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