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An undergraduate researcher speaking with her mentor in the lab.

So You Want to be a Scientist

MARC U-STAR opens the lab door for students from underrepresented populations, to strengthen our biomedical fields and industries.

Dr. Etnier and a grad student prepare a participant for an MRI scan.

Jogging Your Memory

Can the gym help you stave off Alzheimer’s? Etnier examines the neuroprotective qualities of exercise, using brain scans, blood biomarkers, and more.

Three researchers discuss a new device using a model of a human leg.

It's a Go

A lithium-trapping filter. A new way to assess ACL health. LaunchUNCG boosts campus entrepreneurship, to speed innovation to the wider world.

Research Profiles

Dr. Applegarth standing with a group of youth activists holding signs.

Fight for the Future

Research Excellence Award Winner

Dr. Applegarth explores the power of voice – from youth protests against gun violence to women entering the sciences and expanding our worldview.  

Graduate researcher Jeff Wu dropping handfuls of clothing, the focus of his research.

Who's Paying for This?

Graduate Researcher

After a dozen years in the apparel business, doctoral student Jeff Wu is examining how we can address the industry's not-so-stylish waste problem.

Undergraduate researcher Viola Munos wearing a lab coat and holding an iPad that she uses for her research.

Coming Up Next

Undergraduate Researcher

Viola Munos found the challenge she was seeking in physics and nanoscience. Now she’s working on graphene, a single-atom thick biosensor.

The Right Idea

Dr. Washington speaks with a kinship care support group, along with group facilitator Lisa Taylor.

Next of Kin

Some children can't live with their parents. But not all of them are in formal foster care. A social work researcher weighs the benefits and costs of "kinship care."

Dr. Milroy standing at an ice rink with a youth hockey game in the background.

Head Games

Half of sport concussions go unreported. How do we increase the odds an athlete will get treatment? Milroy says coaches are key – for college students and for kids.

Dr. Andersen standing in the doorway of an exam room.

Does Your Premium Pay Off?

Does health insurance actually make us healthier? A former investment banker and economist examines treatment restrictions, Medicare, and more.

Dr. Josephs in the lab, speaking with his graduate student Parth Desai.

When Replication Runs Awry

Mutation drives our evolution – and that of the pathogens that prey on us. A new nanoscientist dives into mismatch repair and the weird ways of M. tuberculosis

The Word's Out

Dance researcher Ana Paula Hofling demonstrates a capoeira movement from one of her primary sources.

The Right Moves

What is authentic capoeira? Even practitioners disagree. A dance scholar traces the acrobatic martial art's journey from Brazilian streets to the world stage. 

Dominick Amendum at the piano, rehearsing a musical piece with a group of students.

Wicked Path to the West End

From Broadway’s “Wicked” to London’s latest “Prince of Egypt,” Amendum brings a wealth of expertise to UNCG's new musical theatre program.

Professor Hodgkins presents his work at an academic event.

Prophecy as Poetry

The Bible is revered by many as a religious text. But an English professor's new book invites readers to also explore the Bible as a remarkable work of art.

Dr. Hoppe stands outside the Federal Courthouse in downtown Greensboro.

A Crime to be Sick

At the nexus of sexuality studies, criminology, public health, and sociology, "Punishing Disease" looks at efforts to criminalize HIV, with lessons for future epidemics.

From the Vice Chancellor

Dr. Terri Shelton

Innovation. Ask 15 experts about it – like the “Idea to Value” blog did in 2016 – and you’ll get 15 different definitions. But there are some common elements. Across multiple fields, innovation involves creativity, a new idea, addressing a real challenge, and creating value. It’s an application of better solutions that results in new ways of thinking or doing.

According to Stephen Johnson, author of “Where Good Ideas Come From,” innovation and evolution thrive in networks, within shared physical and intellectual spaces. These creative collisions and connections facilitate ideas.

That’s why innovation thrives at UNC Greensboro. 

Up & Coming

Minerva Graduate Scholars Nathan, Indya, and Joseph stand in front of a statue of Minerva.

Mind of Minerva,
Spirit of Sparta

The new Minerva Graduate Scholars program is UNCG's highest recognition for PhD and MFA students. Meet three awardees.

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