Tough challenges call for transformative solutions

Fall 2020



Tough challenges call for transformative solutions

Tough challenges call for transformative solutions


Centering Black Voices

Smith Lee aims to disrupt dehumanizing narratives of Black men in poverty by elevating their voices. Her new project is a Gates Foundation Grand Challenge winner.

Pivot Point

How do you collect data during a pandemic? This year, scholars shifted focus to address the crisis, develop new ways to conduct research, and serve our most vulnerable.

We're Here

Mental health care has never been more critical. In a field historically designed by and for White people, our scholars are working to expand access and improve care for all.


Good Counsel

Research Excellence Award Winner

"Good basketball players are not necessarily good coaches," says DiAnne L. Borders. That's why the leader in counselor education focuses on clinical supervision.

Where Hip Hop Hits Higher Ed

Graduate Researcher

How do we make students comfortable using their cultural forms of expression in an academic space? Hip-hop scholar Donovan Livingston is "remixing and reimagining" higher ed.

The Right Idea

Debt of a Lifetime

45 million Americans have student debt. College loans can open doors, but there are tradeoffs. Researchers trace the unexpected impacts of college debt on our lives.

What Are My Choices?

How do we nudge people towards healthier options? Demonizing certain foods doesn't help, but optimizing our environments – from military bases to VR avatars – can.

Small Leap for Frogs, Giant Leap for Mankind

Secrets in the brains of bullfrogs might someday help fighter pilots perform better and protect stroke patients.

Can we afford to fly?

A business and geography professor weighs the environmental costs and economic benefits of flight – and how we might reduce our carbon footprint in the future.

The Word's Out

White Working Class
Blues Go Red

Democrats used to do much better among White working-class voters. But that tide has turned.

We've Been Here Before

Black and independent voters are at the fore of major reform movements in the United States, as they have been throughout our nation's history.

Hands-on History

Gatson engages community members to uncover histories hiding in plain sight – from a local Green Book motel to unsung Black artisans of the South.

From the Vice Chancellor

It’s on the cover and in every aspect of our lives: We find ourselves in a very different world in 2020. A world challenged by a pandemic, as well as by stark examples of – and increasing national discourse on – the ways systemic racism ravages our communities. We find ourselves in a state of “liminality.”

First coined by Arnold van Gennep (1873-1957) and further developed by Victor Turner (1920-1983), liminality roughly translates from Latin to “threshold.” It is the in-between spaces – in relationships, social roles, and organizations, in times of transition and change, between an ending and a new beginning, between knowing and unknowing.

We are certainly in a liminal season. 

Up & Coming

A Time to Act

From directing plays to leading Theatre of the Oppressed workshops across the world, the new School of Theatre director has always been rooted in justice work. She believes in the power of the stage to create change.

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