Spring 2023 issue


Spring 2023 Previews

Treadmill Treatment

Exercise – even at low-intensities – shows promising results in model organisms as a treatment for cancer cachexia.


Friends with math

Our 2022 Senior Research Excellence Award winner is lauded for his differential equations work and as an academic mentor.


Speaking Science

The $1.6M NSF-funded Bilingualtek project integrates language and science instruction to support young dual-language learners.

Hearing Dissonance

A music education researcher sounds the experiences of Black students in predominantly White institutions.

Everyday life, unexpected places

From the dystopian to the mundane – Holly Goddard Jones' new short story collection ties disparate tales together through a commitment to character. 

Greener energy

An early-career scientist harnesses light and air to catalyze industrial reactions, with the goal of creating environmentally friendly technologies.

Applied potential

A first-gen undergrad dives into research and masters an in-demand electrochemistry technique – as a sophomore.

The buzz on probiotics

A grad student investigates a popular but problematic beekeeping product – and works to enact change as a science policy advocate.

Bee Business

From a grad school discovery on pheromones to launching a business, a researcher and an alum are taking a big swing for bees.

Beyond the gut

A grad student discovery sparks a USDA-funded study on how common beekeeping treatments impact honey bee reproductive health.

High school students Fully Porter & Nicholas Alejandro load samples into a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer


Promising local high school students get to work in university research labs with faculty mentors, thanks to the Draelos Science Scholars program.

Undergraduate David Miller at Old Town Draught House

Military to Mental Health

A veteran undergraduate researcher explores how military training impacts mental health in civilian life – and finds a new way to serve.

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