FALL 2019


Life Saver

The opioid epidemic has hit nearly every part of the United States. Researchers and local officials are working to turn the tide in our community.

Better Together

Researchers, teachers, students, and families have teamed up to transform a Rockingham County elementary school. At this “lab school,” partnership is the name of the game.

Humanities Now

UNCG is highlighting the humanities’ role in shaping our communities and lifting the skills they offer into the spotlight – to retool the liberal arts for today.

Research Profiles

Standing on Z

Research Excellence Award Winner

Stuart Dischell is a nationally recognized poet, whose work – half elegiac, half absurdist – has been published by America's most distinguished literary presses.

Collision Courses

Undergraduate Researcher

Physics major Aidan Lytle walked a winding road to research. Now he's analyzing star data and working on software to explore the fundamental nature of matter.

Strength to Grow

Graduate Researcher

PhD student Joy Kelly brought personal experience to her domestic violence prevention and recovery research. Now, as a counselor, she works to promote healthy relationships.

The Right Idea

Walk This Way

Dr. Chris Rhea uses virtual reality and digital avatars to guide better strides. With a new patent, he aims to design rehab programs patients can use at home. 

A Way Out

A partnership with the U.S. Attorneys' offices in North Carolina has fought gun, drug, gang, and domestic violence. Next on the docket: human trafficking.

The Word's Out

3rd Floor Groove

Folk. Chopin. A bout with a tumor. Just a few contributors to jazz professor Haines' genre-bending new album.

A Long, Wonderful Trip

Research on friendship, aging, and the Grateful Dead came together in harmony this year at UNCG.

Off the Chart

A rare medical condition inspires a communication professor to study patient experiences in health care. 

From the Vice Chancellor

True partnership occurs when collaborators create new value together – sharing vision, expertise, and resources to accomplish mutual goals.

In this issue, you’ll find stories on just a few of the ways UNC Greensboro faculty, staff, and students are collaborating, both internally and externally, to create that value and a better world for us all.

You’ll learn about Guilford County’s and UNCG’s unique approach to battling the opioid epidemic. Lives are being saved by the translation of research into practice, with efforts informed by those in recovery, Guilford’s Emergency Medical Services and other local health care providers, and UNCG scholars and scholarship. (While social work students gain hands on experience with this state-of-the-art intervention, ensuring we have a next generation of professionals trained in evidence-based practice.)

Up & Coming

Nano Tech, Big Impact

Dr. Sherine Obare, new dean of the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, explores how the smallest materials can be leveraged into life-saving impact.

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