The Tell-Tale Heart

A device to identify a heart attack in progress. Childhood interventions. A focus on women. Just a few parts of UNC Greensboro's campus-wide assault on cardiovascular disease.

Into the Reeds

A living laboratory for students of all ages. Fertile ground for critical research. Improved water quality and biodiversity. The UNCG wetlands have become a nexus of research and learning.

Real Big Data

Leveraging vast amounts of data and training computers to uncover hidden patterns, UNCG scientists work with partners in Guilford County and beyond to bring big data solutions to real-world problems.

Research Profiles

Doctored Molecules

Research Excellence Award Winner

Associate Professor Mitchell Croatt is a rising star in the field of synthetic organic chemistry, with a focus on medicinal applications.

Plucky Pedagogy

Undergraduate Researcher

Music ed major Dixie Ortiz assesses peer mentorship as a model for string instruction, to make it accessible to a wider range of students.

Things Fall Apart

Graduate Researcher
PhD student Matt Phillips looks at entropy and empathy in literature across the ages, as a lens to examine the human condition.

The Right Idea

Does a Baby Good

Donor milk is a critical tool in the care of premature babies, but how do we make sure milk banks are safe and ethical?

Man in the Machine

When it comes to cybersecurity, we often miss the human element – and the risks lurking in the gray area between technology and people.

Tipping the Scales

An ambitious study tracks children from 300 families, from the womb to age two, to find out what puts kids at risk for obesity.

Weighing What You Think

Among African American women, beliefs about personal weight – and chronic stress – can contribute to obesity.

Women's Work

Well Crafted NC introduces beer enthusiasts to the women behind craft brewing, in the present and as far back as the 1800s.

Life after loss

At least one in four conceptions end in a loss. The small but growing field of perinatal palliative care looks at how we can support parents.

The Word's Out

Yet, She'll Speak

Emilia Phillips' book of poetry reckons with men and women, violence, and survival.

The Other Side of My Heart

A musical-visual artwork dives deep with Latina immigrants in the Triad.

Far Away From Home

"Reimagining the Middle Passage" traces Black resistance and water in literature, television, and song.

From the Vice Chancellor

UNC Greensboro is redefining the public research university for the 21st century. With over $36 million annually in external funding and a rich array of scholarship, we are making a difference in lives and communities in North Carolina and beyond.

But what does that really look like?

First, there’s our primary mission: fostering student success, to ensure a well-prepared workforce for the future. The student scholarship in this issue illustrates not only the quality of the students graduating from UNCG, but also the critical skills, honed by research experience, that our students bring to their careers and employers. 

Up & Coming

The Power of Punk

Can music produce political change? Sociology Head David Kauzlarich looks at resistance to the crimes of the powerful.

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